Intangible asset valuation

Intangible asset valuation

If the applicant holds multiple international invention patents

Did you know that the value of intangible assets can exceed 100 million or more?

In the knowledge economy era, intellectual property's significance has grown, and its management is closely linked to corporate strategy, particularly in creating future value.

Integrating and leveraging tangible and intangible assets maximizes bargaining power and competitive advantage.

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Brand and Design

Brand (trademark), product design appearance (design patent), goodwill.



Patent technology, process patents, databases, software systems and platforms, algorithms (software patents), formulations, and designs, among other rights.



Income generated from copyright of artistic works (such as films, music, books, dramas, etc.), including royalties.

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There are various types of intangible assets

The scope of intangible assets is broad, including not only common assets such as brands and patented technologies but also encompassing franchises, databases, contracts, technology equity participation, and innovation projects. All these fall within the realm of intangible assets.

CUIP provides comprehensive appraisal services

Intangible Asset Evaluation Services


Technical team and contracts

Working time 1~2 months

Intangible asset appraisal service process


Case acceptance (free evaluation)

Data collection and analysis


value conclusion

evaluation report

How to leverage intangible asset valuation reports

Patent technology evaluation services

Intellectual properties, including invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and others, can be legally evaluated and accounted for in technology equity participation. Qualified valuation firms and accountants can assist patent technology owners in fundraising, leading to better negotiation leverage with investors and facilitating faster progress in their entrepreneurial journey.


Purpose of the transaction

Contribution of technology as registered capital for the company.
The value of a patent evaluation report can serve as a bargaining chip for selling technology.
The value of a patent evaluation report can serve as a bargaining chip for technology transfer or licensing negotiations.
The value of a patent valuation report can serve as a basis for negotiating licensing fees with investors or venture capital firms.
The value of a patent valuation report can be used to negotiate the investment ratio with venture capital firms or investors.
Our company offers services for technology licensing, technology transfer, technology sales, and investment opportunities.

Tax purposes

Tax filing, tax planning, and tax explanation.


Legal purposes

Litigation, liquidation, reorganization and bankruptcy, etc.
Those who fully integrate intangible assets (patent appraisal, brand appraisal) and tangible assets can usually maximize their bargaining chips and competitive advantages.

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Matching for corporate fundraising or resource integration.

The challenges faced by startup companies

Taiwan's startup scene is vibrant, but the "lack of funding" is a major issue for most entrepreneurs. Venture capitalists are generally hesitant to invest in very early-stage teams, except for a few exceptions. The main reason is their lack of confidence in unproven innovative products or services that have not been validated by the market yet. Even if the venture capitalist believes in the team's potential, they usually make larger individual investments, leading to the startup team losing control. On the other hand, if the startup team issues shares at an inflated value of 100 times, it allows them to retain control, but it's unlikely that many venture capitalists will recognize such a high value at such an early stage. This creates a dilemma for venture capital investments.