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Global patent information investigation and analysis

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Global patent information investigation and analysis

Small and medium-sized enterprises may lack understanding of the international patent landscape during research and development. This could lead to inadvertent infringement on foreign patents held by competitors. To stay competitive, businesses must strengthen new product development and engage in legal intelligence gathering and analysis of international competitors or potential rivals. By doing so, they can avoid patent infringement and make informed decisions.

Know thyself, know thy enemy

The Art of War by Sun Tzu teaches us, Know yourself and know the enemy, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.

The ability to stand out from the crowd

In the world of patent warfare, the ability to stand out requires knowing oneself and one's opponents, and strategizing ahead of time.

Global patent information investigation and analysis

Enhanced insights for research and business decisions

The use of patent intelligence investigation and analysis is growing and expanding. It goes beyond IP and legal departments, involving research teams and the board of directors. It serves as a tool to set future research direction and aid in business decision-making. This is because patent intelligence solutions offer reliable, powerful, and intuitive insights and analysis to customers.Intellectual propertyandlaw DepartmentIn addition, it will also extend toThe company's R&D team and the board of directors are used to establish the company's future R&D direction and support business decisions. This comes from the fact that the patent intelligence research and analysis solution can provide customers with reliable, powerful and accurate insight and analysis more intuitively.

Why you need patent intelligence research

Advantages of patent intelligence research and analysis

Outperforming industry competitors

Identifying research direction and staying ahead of industry technologies.

Enhancing company competitiveness

Absorbing achievements from peers, domestic and international, to improve and innovate existing technologies.

Creating technological value-added

Uncovering untapped territories within relatively dense technological fields through research.

New product niches

Identifying existing technology shortcomings to find niche opportunities for new product development.

Tracking competitors' activities

Conduct careful investigations into the company's technological strategies, closely monitor competitors' research activities, and identify potential future competitors or emerging players.

Adjusting R&D strategies

Managing patent technology portfolios to assess technology investments and resource allocations, analyze competitors, and develop early-stage countermeasures

Planning technical collaborations

Identifying patent holders with specific technology expertise for potential collaborations or licensing opportunities, creating a win-win situation for the company.

Avoiding patent infringement

Verifying product patent infringement and assisting in devising strategies to avoid litigation and counteract competitors.

What specific aspects will be analyzed?

Here is an excerpt of an example analysis chart

IPC classification
Understanding the number of patent applications filed by competitors in a specific technological field

Statistical chart of the number of patents over the years for key competing companies

Understanding the annual patent counts of each competitor

Pie chart
Analysis chart of patent distribution by key competing companies across countries
IPC classification
Understanding the number of patent applications filed by competitors in a specific technological field
Radar chart
Understanding the patent technology landscape and focus areas of competitor companies
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