Global Patent Application

Global Patent Application

Why Trademark Applications Matter

The Potential Consequences of Neglecting Them

Your R&D achievements will not be yours

Due to the lack of proper patent protection, your research accomplishments will not belong solely to you, but rather to the collective!

Sued for trademark infringement by a competitor.

You may find yourself outmaneuvered by a competitor who secures the patent first and subsequently files an infringement lawsuit against you.

Your R&D achievements will not be yours

Due to the lack of proper patent protection, your research accomplishments will not belong solely to you, but rather to the collective!

Sued for trademark infringement by a competitor.

Instead, the other party preemptively applied for a patent, and in turn was sued for patent infringement by the other party.

Loss of millions of intangible assets

Failing to implement protective measures may result in the loss of intangible assets valued at over 10 million.

Missed opportunities

By neglecting proper patent protection, you might have already forfeited the opportunity to lawfully monopolize the market.

Don't repeat others' mistakes!

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When an individual conceives an invention or creation, they may safeguard their interests by submitting an application to the Intellectual Property Office. Upon review and confirmation that the submission complies with patent law, a patent is granted. This exclusive right, known as a patent, allows the patent holder, within a specified time frame, to prevent others from manufacturing, selling, offering for sale, using, or importing the patented item or products derived directly from the patented method without their consent.

CUIP offers free patent acquisition evaluation advice for individuals and businesses. Feel free to contact us by phone or add us on LINE for inquiries.

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The Importance of Intellectual Property Protection

Stop Competitors
Block Competitors' Entry
Small Bets, Big Wins
Patents: A Tool for Small Bets, Big Wins
Leverage Intellectual Property
Flexibly utilizing high-quality intellectual property rights.

Block Competitors' Entry

Individuals or businesses work tirelessly to innovate their products or trademarks. However, once these products or trademarks hit the market, competitors can easily imitate them through copying or reverse engineering. The easier it is to imitate, the easier it is for the original creators to find evidence of infringement. In such cases, individuals or businesses protected by intellectual property rights can use their exclusive rights to prevent competitors or peers from entering the market for similar goods.
If the original creator or business discovers evidence of infringement by a peer, they can request that the infringement be stopped or exercise their right to seek compensation for damages caused by the infringement, thereby preventing peers from plagiarizing or imitating.

Section 58 of the Patent Law

Section 58 of the Patent Law grants patent holders the exclusive right, for a certain period of time, to prevent others from manufacturing, selling, offering for sale, using, or importing the patented article or method without their consent.

Patents: A Tool for Small Bets, Big Wins

The patent application process is a "bet small to win big" opportunity, with the potential for significant commercial benefits ranging from hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars. If you have a new concept or innovative research and development results, and the idea or technology is feasible with no similar products on the market, don't hesitate to file a patent application to protect your work. In Taiwan, the patent system follows the "first to file" principle. If someone else files before you, your efforts and results may be in vain, and you could face infringement allegations without the ability to defend yourself.

Considering the average approval rate of 70-80% in recent years and the potential significant commercial benefits worth tens of thousands to billions of dollars, the cost and risk of these application fees are minimal.


Flexibly utilizing high-quality intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property rights grant exclusive rights, and the patent holder can utilize various methods, such as selling the patent, signing licensing agreements, or pricing the technology, to activate their intangible assets.
Patent protection excludes others from using patented technology in the market, providing a competitive advantage and enhancing one's position in the industry chain by preventing or delaying competitors from entering the field.
To avoid infringement, one can reduce the risk of infringing others' intellectual property rights by innovating and improving the product in a way that effectively circumvents and avoids the patent.
Technology can be acquired through cross-licensing agreements with competitors' patents.
Ethe product's value proposition and bolster customer confidence.
Enhance the company's image and market recognition.
Obtain damages or enforce injunctions through litigation.
Valuable patented technologies, copyrights, or trademarks in industries like technology or cultural and creative sectors can be effectively capitalized to secure bank collateral or loans.
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In the competitive era of globalization, intellectual property issues are crucial for business success, showing that they are not merely a legal matter but also a tool for international trade competition. Our firm aims to help businesses effectively defend their brands during trademark infringement litigation and protect the value of their long-term investments. With our comprehensive professional advice, we believe clients' intellectual property rights can be effectively safeguarded, leading to maximum protection and benefits.

Our patent attorneys strive to ensure that companies facing patent infringement can confidently defend their products during litigation and effectively protect their research and development achievements in the future.

With our firm's comprehensive professional advice, clients' intellectual property rights can be effectively protected, maximizing the benefits of protection.